Do you have gluten free pizzas?
Heck yeah. We finally got our favorite gluten free flour in. Our "gluten free" pizzas are made using only gluten free ingredients but in the same kitchen as our traditional pies. We take the following precautions to minimize chance of cross contamination: dedicated mixer, dedicated pans and utensils, separate prep area and boxing station. We use the same ovens as our regular pizzas, but since these are Detroit style in a pan there is no contact with the oven deck. Contact us if you need additional information.
Did my order go through?
You should receive an automated email when you order goes through. If you did not receive an email and your credit card wasn't charged, try again. If your card was charged and you didn't get an email, give us a call.
I saw a pizza on your menu. Why isn't it on your online order form?
If an item sells out for the day, it won't show up on the online order form.
What does the not enough pizza for the time error mean?
We limit purchases by time slot to make sure everyone gets their pies hot and on time. If your order tips us over the edge, you'll be asked to pick a different time.
Why don't you have the pizza I loved last week?
We change up our menu frequently based on seasonal availability and chef's inspiration. If you had something you can't live without, drop us a message so we keep it in the rotation.